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Meet Rachid - One-Call Plumbing

Rachid registered with Job Zone d’emploi in August 2022. He requested guidance and support to help him find full-time work, specifically in trades. Rachid had no prior experience working in trades, however, he had some transferrable skills as well as post-secondary education in construction estimation from his country. He began working closely with his Consultant on a return to work action plan that involved resume building, interview preparation, looking at transferrable skills and choosing a focus by learning more about the trades sector – specifically those in the construction sector. Rachid researched various trades, which helped him make an informed decision about which one to pursue. Ultimately, Rachid chose to put his efforts into finding an apprenticeship in the plumbing field and was excited to get started. Rachid and his Consultant identified local employers where he could apply and he began his job search. After some independent job searching and making connections in the field, Rachid was referred by his Employment Consultant to the Job Matching and Placement program, which helped connect him to his current apprenticeship position. One-Call Plumbing, a local plumbing company, hired Rachid as an apprentice. Rachid is currently working regular hours with On-Call Plumbing and is enjoying his position very much.

Meet McKenna - Heart of the Family Child Care Centre

McKenna recently graduated secondary school. She visited Job Zone d’emploi seeking assistance to continue her education or explore employment options. McKenna was referred to our Youth Job Connection program. She decided to gain some hands-on skills to help her assess her career passion. Once McKenna completed career exploration exercises, she expressed an interest in working with children. She was placed at Heart of the Family Child Care Centre. With the continued support and encouragement from the Youth Job Connection team and the employer, she has been successful in working there full time for over six months. She is exceeding expectations and pursuing her dream. McKenna is now confident with her employment path as she is passionate about her career. She has decided to go to College for the Early Childhood Education program. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication! We are very proud of you!

Meet Jesse - FCM Recycling

Jesse registered in June 2022 and accessed the Supported Employment program at Job Zone d’emploi. In the past, Jesse struggled to maintain employment as his past jobs did not meet his employment goals. He worked closely with his Employment Consultant to establish his career path. On August 31st, he was hired by FCM Recycling. A contract was negotiated with the employer and the assigned Job Coach began regular monitors and provided ongoing support. Jesse has excelled and continues to be a valuable employee to the company. Congratulations Jesse! We wish you well.

Meet Kyle - Minimax

Kyle registered with Job Zone d’emploi in September 2022 in order to access Employment Support services. Kyle expressed having an interest in changing careers and had been in contact with a local employer regarding possible employment as an AZ Driver. Kyle explained that he had always been interested in becoming an AZ Driver because he had family members who worked in that particular field. Luckily, this provided Kyle with great insight about the realities of the trucking world which helped him make this key decision. During intake, Kyle was explained the services as well as the level of support he could access in order to support his change of career. Based on the assessment at his initial meeting, Kyle was deemed eligible to participate in the Job Matching and Placement program. Kyle began working with Minimax Express Transportation, a local employer and it is with this employer that Kyle began his on-the-job training through the Provincially regulated Driver Certification Program. It has now been over 3 months since his registration with Job Zone d’emploi and Kyle remains gainfully employed as an AZ Driver with Minimax Express Transportation. We wish you all of the best and continued success on the open road Kyle!

Meet Tia - Canadian Tire

Tia came to Job Zone d’emploi seeking assistance with her job search. She had never worked before and was therefore unsure of how to access the labour market. Tia is a young lady with a cheerful and bright personality. She participated in the Youth Job Connection program and gained self-awareness and confidence. Once she completed the pre-employment workshop component, she was placed at Canadian Tire as a Cashier. During this placement, she challenged herself to continue improving her skills with the support from the Management team at Canadian Tire and the Youth Job Connection team. She was pleasantly surprised to hear from her Supervisor that she had a mystery shopper and received 100% on her evaluation. Tia successfully completed the program and continues to work full time. Congratulations Tia on all your hard work and dedication!

Meet Natasha - Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre

Natasha came in to Job Zone d’emploi for resume assistance. Natasha had very limited skills and work experience. She only worked for one employer; however, she was motivated, eager and wanted to succeed. Her Employment Consultant met with her; together, they determined a job focus and Natasha was referred to the Job Match and Placement Program. A Job Trial was secured as a Room/Laundry Attendant, at Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre. Natasha excelled at various duties of the position and the employer felt she would be a valuable team member. She successfully completed her placement and was offered a permanent part-time position. Natasha still remains employed and continues to be a valuable employee!! Congratulations Natasha, we are all so proud of you. We wish you all the best! This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Meet Mark - Bergeron Electric

Mark registered with Job Zone d’emploi in July 2021 wishing to explore different career paths related to becoming an Electrical Apprentice. He was connected to a Consultant who helped him explore various training and employment opportunities keeping in mind some of Mark’s past struggles and successes on the job. It wasn’t long after this that Mark began working with the Job Matching and Placement program in hopes that with the support through this Employment Ontario program, he would secure meaningful employment in his new chosen field. Bergeron Electric was contacted and an interview between them was set up. Subsequently, Bergeron Electric made the decision to hire Mark utilizing the training incentives offered through the Job Matching and Placement program. Support was provided to Mark and his new employer to ensure that proper training was being provided and that Mark’s transition into his new career was a smooth one. It has now been over 1 year and Mark remains happily employed with Bergeron Electric. We wish Mark continued success in his new career! This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Meet Courtney - Shoppers Drug Mart

In February 2021 Courtney was laid-off due to COVID-19 restrictions; she was devastated by this news. She quickly reached out to Job Zone d’emploi for job search assistance and was referred to the Supported Employment Program. Courtney met with her Employment Consultant and together they developed strategies to manage difficult situations that she may encounter during her employment journey. Through advocacy the Employer Services Team was able to secure her a position as a Merchandiser at Shoppers Drug Mart. Courtney was provided with on the job support including weekly follow-ups. Courtney is excelling in her position and is appreciated for all the work she does. She truly loves her job. Congratulations Courtney! We wish you the very best.

Meet Julia - Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocer

Julia was job searching on her own and was not successful in finding employment to suit her needs. She had not worked in quite some time as she focused on raising her child. Her goal was to secure employment during the day; she needed to be home with her family in the evenings and on weekends. She was referred to the Youth Job Connection program where she attended pre-employment sessions and received assistance with career clarification. Julia was motivated and excited to move forward with her career goals. She has a cheerful personality and is very energetic. She began working on a Placement Contract at Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocer (YIG). She successfully completed the program and was hired by the employer. Thank you Baxtrom’s YIG for meeting Julia’s needs and allowing her the opportunity to be part of your amazing team. Congratulations Julia on your ongoing success!

Meet Rory - Cor-tek

Rory graduated high school this year and expressed an interest in participating in the Youth Job Connection (YJC) – Trades program. Her long-term goal was to become a Welder. Rory completed the pre-employment workshops and gained certifications in order to help her transition to the workplace. During the program, Rory explored her interests and abilities and decided to pursue a career in the Welding field. With advocacy and support from the YJC team and the employer, Cor-Tek Industrial Services, Rory was provided with a job shadowing opportunity. Thank you to Cor-Tek for then offering her employment as an Apprentice Welder and allowing her to pursue her dream.

Meet Sidra - ActivKare

Sidra was born in Pakistan, she immigrated to Canada with her mom and 3 siblings on June 2, 2019. She graduated in 2015 from NED University of Engineering & Technology with a BA in Engineering (Bio Medical). She worked as a Sales Representative selling specialized medical equipment before immigrating to Cornwall. She faced many barriers to securing employment. Her credentials were not recognized in Canada, she struggled with the English language, and had no Canadian work experience. On January 2021, she registered with Job Zone d’emploi for job search assistance, she was referred to the Job Matching Placement program and shortly thereafter was put on a successful placement with ActivKare as a Customer Service Representative/New Product Development. Sidra is doing well and is happy to be working in her field. We wish you well Sidra!

Meet Archel - Sobey's

Archel came to Canada from the Philippines to work as a Nanny, and 3 years later moved to the Winchester area. After a frustrating and unsuccessful job search on her own, Archel met with a Job Zone d’emploi Employment Consultant in the Winchester office, and learned how to sell her skills in an interview, job search in the local labour market and write a resume. She was then referred to the then owner of Winchester Foodland where she was the successful candidate for a full time Bakery Clerk position. Archel worked very hard and within her first year, she was promoted to Deli Manager! The new owner, Dan Pettigrew saw a great deal of potential in Archel. He provided support, training and encouragement. In 2017 her immigration story was submitted and chosen to be celebrated at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 through Sobey’s Director of Operations suggested that Archel apply to become a Franchisee herself!

Meet Hunter - Above and Beyond

Hunter came to Job Zone d'emploi looking for a job without ever thinking she was about to launch her career all of a sudden! His great passion was to become a massage therapist. After completing the Youth Job Connection sessions, she was placed at Above Beyond Laser and Spa. Hunter is currently enrolled at Elegance College where she pursues her passion and takes the massage therapy course. She continues to work part-time at Above & Beyond and maintains excellent contacts. Hunter is glad she was pushed out of her comfort zone. We wish her all the best and are very proud of everything she has accomplished so far!

Meet Dennis - Pizza Pizza

Meet Dennis! Dennis registered with Job Zone d’emploi 4 years ago looking for employment and career clarification. With the help of his Job Zone d’emploi Consultant and the Job Matching and Placement Team, Dennis completed different placements, in various fields of employment and found his niche! Dennis has been very successful and is now going on 3 years of full-time employment at Pizza Pizza. Both the employer Ali and Dennis are thrilled with this perfect match. Congratulations Dennis, keep up the great work!

Meet Skylar - Laminacorr

Skyler recently moved to Ontario and he wanted some help to make connections. He accessed the Youth Job Connection program and got the support he needed to find a full-time job at Laminacorr. Skyler has been flexible, reliable, and consistent in his performance. Congratulations Skyler on all of your hard earned success!

We’d also like to congratulate Laminacorr on receiving the Economic Impact Award, through the Chamber of Commerce, earlier this year!

Meet Shaden - Canadian Tire

Shaden, diagnosed with autism, reached out to Job Zone d’emploi for support as he began the process of applying for his first job at Canadian Tire. He was referred to the Supported Employment Program, which offered him hands on support and job coaching. Canadian Tire was very accommodating to Shaden’s training needs and allowed Job Zone d’emploi to frequently follow up and monitor his progress. Shaden has been employed with Canadian Tire for over a year. “Shaden is a great example of how a young individual starting out in the workforce can flourish with guidance and support. We are very proud of the partnership we have built between Canadian Tire and Job Zone d’emploi and look forward to more success stories such as Shaden's” – Debbie Bender, Store Manager.

Meet Dianna - Giant Tiger

Dianna had been out of the workforce for several years and was eager to find the right match for her needs. Her goals and interest was to work with the public in a store as a Cashier. She worked closely with her Employment Consultant and Job Developer and together, we secured a job match with Giant Tiger, which happens to be her favorite retailer. Diana’s cheerful personality, the support from the Job Matching Placement Team and this employer, helped her in sustaining employment in a position of her choice. Despite Diana’s challenges with her hearing impairment and lack of confidence, she has gained new skills and is now confident in her abilities. Diana is thankful for this opportunity and is enjoying this new career.

Meet Josh - Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocer

Josh registered with the Youth Job Connection program in March 2019. He struggled with confidence and was not sure what type of employment he would like to pursue. Josh never had paid employment and was looking for some support in his job search and some career clarification. Josh successfully completed the Youth Job Connection pre-employment program and was ready to begin his job search. Laila from Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocer, is very familiar with the anxieties that surround a first job and was more than happy to give Josh a chance. In a very short time, Josh was able to prove his abilities and his reliability. With the supports that were put in place, Josh was able to excel on the job and has maintained employment since October 2019. We are so happy to have been able to be part of this journey with you Josh, keep up the great work!

Meet Robert - Best Western Parkway Inn

Robert had no previous formal work experience when he registered with the Supported Employment program but that hasn’t stopped him from shining on the job in the housekeeping department at Best Western Parkway Inn. Robert is Deaf and communicates through basic written notes and basic ASL. When Robert first registered for the program, he worked with an Employment Consultant to determine a realistic job focus. We knew Robert would need an employer who was willing to take the extra time needed to communicate properly with Robert, especially during the training process. Laurie Nadeau, manager of the Housekeeping department offered Robert just that opportunity. With the assistance of a Job Coach, training supports were added to help Robert understand the expectations and standards of the job. Robert started with Best Western in January 2020 and has been succeeding ever since. His focus, attention to detail, and drive are all the qualities that make him such a great fit for the housekeeping department. We wish both Robert and Laurie great success moving forward!

Meet Christopher - Harvey's

Meet Christopher Snoeks and his very supportive Supervisor, Bev Butcher.  Christopher is employed at Harvey’s as a result of the guidance he received through the Supported Employment Program.  We are very proud of Christopher’s abilities, hard work and dedication!

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