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What are clients saying about Job Zone d’emploi?

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"Very helpful and definitely supportive. I am really happy I took the step forward of coming into this agency for the workshops," Paige Baxter.


"My counselor was very helpful and informed. Her efficiency was greatly appreciated, and her advice/recommendations were based on sound facts and knowledge." Anonymous 


"This program will give me the insight and confidence to do well on my next interview." Marc Tessier


"Awesome insight. Helped me reword some things to make my resume more appropriate." Paul Snider


"Thank you for everything, 5/5, excellent service and always there for me." Gisele Sloan



“The Resource personnel was very helpful. She was very understanding about my "lack of" computer knowledge (when it came to making resumes).” Tammy MacKay


“A great team of resourceful, knowledgeable people making for a very pleasant, professional experience. Very fast and reliable service in a timely fashion! Service always comes with a smile!” Ray Lafreniere

"I had registered for a resume and cover letter workshop on December 23rd and met with a Facilitator that day. She took me in and we looked over my resume together. She gave me some wonderful tips and tricks. I was really pleased with the workshop and look forward to taking more workshops through your center as I reorient myself into a different career.

I wanted to let your organization know how wonderful the experience was for me, as I am sure it must be for others who take advantage of these workshops as well. Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for making these open to the public and not just to those who are registered with job zone! ;-)

Some of us have full-time work that is very dissatisfying and it is great to know that there are organizations out there who are able to help us turn our lives around and find happiness in a work environment that will suit our career goals." Anonymous

"I have a new job and lots of career advancement opportunities with my employer. I am so excited! Thank you for getting me started in my career path. It is thanks to Job Zone that I was able to get additional training.  All the 15 weeks of training + much more helped me land my dream job. Again thanks so much and let the team know that I appreciate them for all they do. Sylvie Vivarais


"Thanks for everything you've done for me! It's been an amazing opportunity and your services were so very helpful! I'm very impressed with your work! Thanks a million!" Katarina Pavlica


"I would have to say that I'd strongly recommend the services provided by Job Zone d'emploi to any individual who has the willpower and commitment to go after a new career, and not be intimidated to reach for the stars. The entire process of pursuing my dreams and returning to school was very positive and rewarding. To always be greeted by friendly faces and words of encouragement meant a lot to me and one which I embraced and carried away with me. I've also learnt that with determination and courage you can accomplish anything you set your heart to. To be given a second chance in life is a gift and a privilege, and one that I will always remember. What an exciting opportunity! - now to continue my journey and attend college this coming fall. WOW! A big "thank you" to all those individuals at Job Zone d'emploi whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and saying good morning to - you've made a difference in my life and I hope to do you proud. To the past and future clients of Job Zone d'emploi, Second Career program - for if I had the chance to share my experiences, my advice would be too never be afraid to follow the dreamer in you." Joyann Guay